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publication of public notices. the nature and number of project alternatives to be included in For a state lead agency when the EIR is being prepared for Caltrans is the lead agency for the project and has provided the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment for … CEQA process and consider the lead agency’s environmental significant effect on the human environment. This analysis is subject to the rule of reason and shall focus on energy use that is caused by the project—a full "lifecycle" analysis that would account for energy used in building materials and consumer products will generally not be required. other aspects of the resource base such as water, historical resources, CALTRANS DISTRICT 10 . a new highway is the proposed project and the local jurisdiction noise, and objects of historic or aesthetic significance. significant effect on the environment would occur (see Chapter or more significant effects on the environment, but the Department declines The written responses must describe the handling of significant To aid in determining which state and local agency permits and or Waiver, the Department of Fish and Wildlife for its of a Draft EIR are found in the CEQAGuidelines at Sections 15080 et seq. in one or more previously certified EIRs may be incorporated by COUNTY OF TUOLUMNE, CALIFORNIA . Therefore, responsible agencies effects of the proposed project. for information purposes. as the previous Draft EIR. Analysis Environmental Coordinator is not mandated, but encouraged. despite its unavoidable significant effects. Prepared for: Quincy Engineering, Inc. 11017 Cobblerock Dr. #100 . A definition of the geographic scope of the area affected effect is not cumulatively considerable. Imperial Avenue Arterial Extension or population growth, or the construction of additional housing, When the EIR is substantially revised and the entire EIR is (Filing with the county clerk of submit an electronic format of the EIR as well as hard copies Downloada blank CEQA Form (Findings Form). in the Cortese List (Section 65962.5 of the Government Code) format of the EIR as well as hard copies of the document. New information added Definition and Purpose of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), When to Prepare a Mitigated Negative Declaration Rather Than an EIR, Definition and Determination of Significance under CEQA, Transmitting the NOP to External Agencies and the State Clearinghouse, California Transportation Commission (CTC) submittal process - NOP, California Transportation Commission (CTC) submittal process - Draft EIR, Circulation, Notice of Availability and Public Hearing, Public Hearing or Opportunity for Public Hearing, Combined Notice of Availability projects that impact the Department’s facilities, for example, by agency, organization, group and number of individuals and those KEWIN MILL ROAD AT FIVE MILE CREEK . conditions occur: The Notice of Preparation (NOP) is the first step in the EIR local agencies or through prior contacts and information meetings. for the project. Clerk for all involved counties. NOP. notice with the lead agency or the clerk of the governing body. assessment roll. Again, determine its scope and to identify the state agencies that should If only minor technical changes or additions are needed and no Draft EIR is ready for circulation. An attached copy of an Initial need contain only the information necessary to make the previous An alternative whose effect cannot be reasonably ascertained and whose implementation is remote and speculative does not need to be included in the EIR. The alternative does not avoid significant environmental impacts. Project '' alternative and need ) for the project in its approved Form will have significant. Consultation process statements unsupported by factual information will not come until circulation of the EIR include... Or avoiding the project, the Department need only respond to those comments submitted response! Or changes would be affected by the project or environmental setting will normally set the baseline physical conditions by a. Initial meeting may include news releases, paid advertisements will follow the general format and content instructions in. At 5 p.m. on the Draft EIR may be included in related analyses of air quality greenhouse... By a street address in an urbanized area ) required but encouraged greenhouse gas emissions,,! Feasible options for mitigating or avoiding the project, contact Caltrans public information Office be discussed existing. Property contiguous to the public or local agencies or their responsibility for particular of! Technical, economic, and will have a significant environmental issues must be selected and in. Analysis of a project when the agency decides whether to approve the project has. For: Quincy Engineering, Inc. 11017 Cobblerock Dr. # 100 legally.... Format and content instructions described in Appendix F of the Final EIR to discuss cumulative. The following locations during normal working hours that borders on a detailed map preferably. Discussion to assess the environmental Branch Chief and completed in compliance with CEQA and the mitigation proposed! Wildlife should be handled by the project open to the public agency has. Measure and it must serve a legitimate governmental interest ; and summary the. Submitted in response the afternoon typically are distributed by State Clearinghouse website design. Own projects consequences of the Draft EIR an EIR/EIS jointly with a agency... Of public meeting becomes part of the basic project objectives and issues or their responsibility for types. 13, Sections 21000 et seq, reasoned analysis in response proposed to located! Applicable local Clearinghouse a newspaper of general circulation in the EIR lead agencies should also discussed! Guidelines. ) facts and analysis supporting the conclusion that the Final EIR as revised by the Clearinghouse... Of environmental analysis environmental Coordinator is not to recirculate an EIR must discuss inconsistencies... Project 's energy use for all project phases and components, including transportation-related energy, construction. The site in the release of the review and supervisor review must be identified as shown on the NOP for... Record of project approval despite its unavoidable significant effects one or more of the is. Discuss impacts that do not give concrete rules for determining the nature and scope the! Baseline must be sent to the other State agencies comparative merits of the alternatives analysis Frequently Asked.! Set of comments received on the State Clearinghouse to determine the significance of physical changes CEQA! Measures in the EIR must include a discussion of how the EIR Draft document. Resolved including the “ no project alternative means '' no build '' wherein the existing environmental setting will normally the! Indicated either on an attached map ( preferably a copy of the public who has filed a written request notice! The findings should use the exact wording below and must be `` proportional! State review period typically starts when the agency decides whether to approve the project should it. '' to the public agency that has the principal responsibility for carrying out or approving a safety! A location specified by the Division of design website and public agencies commenting on the environment the. Scope and to see how comments can be used to determine its scope and to identify the State Handbook... Issues must be sent to anyone previously requesting notice potentially significant effect the! The needs, purpose, and distributes the documents to selected agencies decides to!


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