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To help you to remain focused, it can be helpful to include a clear definition of the question you are aiming to answer at the start of your methodology section. "address": { Example Dissertation Methodologies. Get an experienced writer start working on your paper, Review our samples before placing an order, Hire an Expert Dissertation Chapter Writer. Try to keep your writing style concise and clear; this will ensure that it is easy for the reader to understand and digest. This could be anything from difficulties in finding participants, problems obtaining consent or a shortage of the required resources needed to conduct a scientific experiment. Dumke (2002) believes that research philosophy is mainly characterised by two views; positivism and phenomenology. 1 +( 2×(1−) 2 ) Where; N is population size, e is margin of error (as a decimal), z is confidence level (as a z-score), and pis percentage value (as a decimal).Thus, the sample size is with a normal distribution of 50%. You will also need to demonstrate why you chose to use them and how you applied them. Here are five top tips to consider when writing your dissertation methodology: Ask your supervisor to provide you with a few different examples of previously written dissertations. Reading through methodologies that have been written by past students will give you a good idea of what your finished methodology section should look like. Saunders et al. ], This paragraph should be used to evaluate the research you have conducted and justify your reasons for choosing this approach. Once you have drafted an outline, ask your supervisor for advice on whether there is anything you have missed and whether your structure looks logical. "@type": "Organization", It involves the intersection of philosophy, research designs and specific methods as illustrated in the Fig. You should then be able to make allowances or adjustments to address these when it comes to carrying out your research. If you are not sure where to start, you could visit the library at your college or university and ask one of the librarians to help you to identify the most relevant texts. You do not need to go into great detail, as you will present and discuss your results in-depth within your dissertation’s ‘Results’ section. Therefore, the current study uses a survey based questionnaire (See Appendix A). Due to the complexities of the different research methods, writing your dissertation methodology can often be the most challenging and time-consuming part of your postgraduate dissertation. Good practice in the conduct and reporting of survey research. - Choose any deadline Simple regression analysis includes only one independent variable and one dependent variable. The demographic section of the survey will be analysed using descriptive statistics. "sameAs": [ For this philosophical approach, the researcher is considered an objective observer who should not be impacted by or impact the subject of research. }. Refer to Any Obstacles or Difficulties That You Dealt With, Postgraduate/Master’s Personal Statements. Gupta et al. Mujis (2010) defends the use of quantitative research because unlike qualitative research which argues that there is no pre-existing reality, quantitative assumes that there exits only a single reality about a social conditions which cannot be influenced by researchers in any way. "streetAddress": "0/2 11 Golspie Street", The survey was left on the website for a duration of 40 days in order to ensure that a maximum number of respondents were able to answer to the survey. Chapter 3 – Dissertation Methodology (example) Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Tripoli, Libya- A Case Study May 11, 2020. 200 customers responded, however not all of the surveys were completed in full, so only 150 survey results were able to be used in the data analysis.”. Masters Dissertation Part Writing Examples, Chapter 3 – Dissertation Methodology (example). (2009) define research philosophy as a belief about the way in which data about a phenomenon should be gathered, analysed and used. The following are a set of hypotheses which have been developed from the examination of the literature review. The collected data is then analysed through Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 24 for descriptive analysis. (1998) there is a greater preference in working with an “observable social reality” and that the outcome of such research can be “law-like” generalisations that are the same to those which are produced by physical and natural scientists. You can view samples of our work here. Daum, P., 2013. International Synergy Management: A Strategic Approach for Raising Efficiencies in the Cross-border Interaction Process. There are various philosophical assumptions that are used to construct or develop a study on. The sample therefore developed used the following equation; Where; N is population size, e is margin of error (as a decimal), z is confidence level (as a z-score), and p is percentage value (as a decimal).Thus, the sample size is with a normal distribution of 50%. Collis (2009) explains that there are many kinds of sampling methods that can be used for creating a specific target sample from a population. You may also need to use techniques such as narrative analysis or discourse analysis to interpret the meaning behind responses given. The methodology chapter also provided the technique for data analysis which is descriptive statistics through frequency analysis and regression analysis. Corporate Reputation and its Importance for Business Success: A European. Gill and Johnson (1997) add that it will also place a greater emphasis on a highly structure methodology in order to allow for replication for other studies. "addressCountry": "United Kingdom" You should also give an overview of why these were more appropriate than using another research method. The chapter will discuss in detail the various stages of developing the methodology of the current study. When choosing between qualitative and quantitative research methods, you will need to carry out initial literature and textbook research to establish the standard research methods that are normally used within your chosen area of research. Taking the time to find out about the different types of research available to you will allow you to identify any potential drawbacks to the method you have chosen to use. This could include anything from laboratory equipment used in a scientific experiment to computer software used to analyse the results. There are many ways in which research approaches can be customised to develop an approach most suited for a particular study. As an automobile company, they need to know the results of using Big Data analytics and that is only by using business performance indicators regardless of being qualitative or quantitative. "https://www.facebook.com/Researchprospect","https://twitter.com/researchprosp", "https://www.instagram.com/research_prospect/" Lastly, mixed methods research resides in the middle of the continuum as it is able to incorporate elements and characteristics of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Lewis (2015) points out that the main distinction that is often cited between quantitative and qualitative research is that it is framed in terms of using numbers rather than words; or using closed-ended questions for quantitative hypotheses over open-ended questions for qualitative interview questions. Chapter 3 – Dissertation Methodology (example) Disclaimer: This is not a sample of our professional work. Survey based questionnaires are often restricted to a representative sample of a potential group that is of the study’s interest. Get an experienced writer start working on your paper, Check Samples Int J Qual Health Care 15, 261–266. The current chapter presents the process of developing the research methods needed to complete the experimentation portion of the current study. “The survey was made up of 10 multiple-choice questions and 5 questions to be rated using a 5-point Lickert scale. Also, qualitative research is commonly used when there is little to no knowledge of a phenomenon whereas quantitative research is used to find the cause and effect relationship between variables generally to either verify or nullify some kind of theory or hypothesis (Creswall 2002; Feilzer 2010; Teddlie and Tashakkori 2012). ResearchGate 1–22. Included in this are procedures of inquiry or research designs and specific research methods that are used for data collection, its analysis, and finally its interpretation. There are many strategies available to implement in a study as evidence from Fig. Whichever research methods you have chosen to use, your dissertation methodology should be a clearly structured, well written section that gives a strong and justified argument for your chosen research methods. Saunders and Tosey (2015) have argued that quantitative data is simpler to obtain and more concise to present. The current study chooses positivistic assumptions due to the literature review’s discussion of the importance of Big Data in industrial domains and the need for measuring its success in operations of business. "@context": "http://schema.org", Bryman, A., Bell, E., 2015. Business Research Methods. The category of using Big Data analytics for both B2B and B2C comprises of the most agreement of respondents with 72 of 132 indicated so. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.1.1945.8640, Kelley, K., Clark, B., Brown, V., Sitzia, J., 2003. Research Methods for Business Students. Orders completed by our expert writers are, Formally drafted in academic style100% Plagiarism free & 100% Confidential  Never resold  Include unlimited free revisions Completed to match exact client requirements. The figure above represents the respondents answers to their automobile company’s plan for measuring the success of Big Data. When writing your methodology, have regard for the people who are likely to be reading it. It is through these hypotheses that concepts of the subject of interest will be translated into entities that are rational for a study. "logo": "https://www.researchprospect.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Research-Prospect-Logo.png", The current study is looking towards a quantitative approach that takes into account positivism as it philosophical undertaking, using deductive reasoning for its interpretive approach, is a mono-quantitative method that involves the use of a survey instrument for data collection. doi:10.1177/1524839915580941. Customers completing the survey were allowed a maximum of 10 minutes to answer all of the questions. The objective was to have 250 customers of Company Z complete the survey at the Company Z HQ between 1st and 5th February 2019, between the hours of 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. “For research purposes, a customer was defined as any person who had purchased a product from Company Z during 2018. From the philosophical assumptions discussed in the previous section, it is reasonable to use the deductive approach for the current study. However, the main three categories with which research approaches are organised include; qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods of research. According to 68.18 per cent of respondents the company that they worked for did indeed show measurable results from their investments in Big Data. If so, what were they and how did you manage to overcome them? For qualitative data, you will need to categorise and code the ideas and themes that are identified from the raw data. "@type": "PostalAddress",


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