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Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. The mold grows on the sticky honeydew secreted by sap-sucking pests, such as aphids and mealybugs, so you … If you want to get rid of sooty mold on … Kill the bugs before the mold … If you’re having problems with black sooty mold on your crepe myrtles or plants, here are a few guidelines and proven tips to help you get rid of it. To get rid of the sooty mould you need to address the pest problem. Citrus Sooty Mold Treatment. A severe enough sooty mold problem can cause general plant decline but rarely kills the plant. Plants Attacked All plants can be affected by sooty mould. Once you have that under control and they are no longer producing the honeydew, the sooty mould will dry up and flake off. Sooty mold fungus can grow wherever the honeydew drips – on sidewalks, lawn furniture, or anything else under the tree. Organic Control Methods for Sooty … Although sooty mold doesn't penetrate the plant tissues, it can weaken it by blocking sunlight. So you’ll have to spray multiple times. You’ll often find both on crepe myrtle, camellia, citrus, holly, and tulip poplar. Other Plants to Watch for Insects and Mold. Gardenia isn’t the only plant targeted by sucking insects and sooty mold. The longer it stays, the more area it covers and the harder it is to get rid … If you see sooty mold starting on your plants, it is best to treat it as soon as possible.


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