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Performed physical assessments, administered medications, IV fluids and monitor recovery. Cross-trained in an oncology infusion center. Administered medications, IV infusions, TPN, blood products, PCA, and tube feedings per hospital protocol. Making a difference in patients’ lives – give respect and dignity in end-of-life and decision-making; help patients return to normal functioning; provide care and comfort to patient and family. Conducted patient admissions and provided discharge instructions. Cared for patients on a 21-bed medical-surgical/oncology acute care unit in community hospital. Treated complex conditions, including CHF, advanced COPD, diabetic complications, significant infections and renal failure. Administered IV medications and blood products; drained and dressed wounds. Utilized critical thinking and communication skills while working as part of a multidisciplinary team in various environmental contexts. Performed charge nurse responsibilities as needed. Utilized critical thinking skills to resolve problems in this 48-bed unit with a 1:8 nurse to patient ratio. Scheduled patient admission and discharge; proficient in medication administration, including IV therapy. Collaborated and coordinated care with team members including Social workers, Case management and Hospice. Worked closely with physicians, dieticians, social workers, etc. Performed head-to-toe assessments, administered medication for a diverse patient population, and stabilize patients with expediency and accuracy. Interpreted and evaluated diagnostic test results. Welcome diversity – can function in diverse health care settings, from hospitals, clinics, MD offices to home care facilities; willingly accept changes and … Care Staffing Professionals is Committed to Making A Positive Impact. Provided primary care to 10 patients on day shift, supervising LPN or aide. Collaborated with appropriate doctors and therapist with respect to treatment plans to improvise current medications and therapies. Collaborated with PCAs and LPNs to facilitate patient care. Monitored, recorded and communicated patient condition as appropriate, utilizing computerized documentation systems. Obtained consent for procedures and provided preoperative and postoperative care instruction including discharge instructions. Career Paths for a Registered Nurse Med/Surg, Healthcare Practitioner and Technical Industry, Emergency Department Registered Nurse Skills, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Skills. Worked closely with interdisciplinary teams of physicians, case managers, and social workers for treatment plans and discharge planning. Worked strategically with other health care professionals to provide the highest quality care to patients on a daily basis. Cooperated with physicians, physiotherapist and all health care team for the best result of the patients. Collaborated with medical and health care professionals. Managed all physician orders, assisted house staff, provided teaching for patients/parents/family members; oriented new graduate nurses. Documented and demonstrated accurate and timely medication administration to all patients. Adapted to hospital policies and needs on a high volume unit experiencing hospital wide staff shortages. Worked closely with physicians /documenting and implementing orders, supervision of ancillary staff. Supervised and precepted other nurses and CNA's, employee evaluations, general patient care. Worked closely with therapies, case management, and social workers. Monitored post-op vitals, set up PCA, fluids, and reviewed and implemented post-op orders. Managed patient's pain using pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain management interventions. Managed nursing care of pre- and post-operative surgical patients in accordance with established hospital policies. Administered oral, g-tube, and IV medications per physician orders as well as any ordered treatments or dressing changes. Reassigned cases if enumerators were having difficulty completing. Browse Registered Nurse Med/Surg resume samples and read our guide on how to write a Registered Nurse Med/Surg resume. Provided patient education about disease processes, medications, nursing interventions, and other aspects of relevant patient care. Specialized in epilepsy, orthopedic, cosmetic, telemetry and medical/surgical patients. Assigned patients and supervised LPN/CNA's delivering care on unit. Managed PICC/Central lines, IV sites, drains, pumps, PCAs, CBI, and wound care. Performed head to toe assessments, monitored vital signs and labs and notified providers appropriately of anomalies. Volunteered at Spectrum Neurosurgical doing patient vitals and observing different computer programs and patient teaching BLS CPR certification with American Heart Association. Med-surg nurses in the community are educators, researchers, community health providers, sales representatives and more, according to Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses President-Elect Robin A. Hertel, MSN, EdS, RN, CMSRN. Completed a 16 hour hospital in-service on pharmacology as well as medication administration. Receiving this credential recognizes the registered nurse as having the knowledge and skills required to provide the highest quality of care to their medical-surgical patients. Fulfilled role of relief charge on 47 bed unit; responsible for scheduling and coordinating staff assignments. Functioned both independently and within physician-led team using standards of care for post-operative and acute care population. Administered prescribed medications and therapies through an OMRDD medication administration certification. Provided individualized patient and family education customized to patient disease process and treatment. Documented nursing procedures, maintained medical records and patient status, maintained a clean, sanitized and safe environment Executed proper infection control techniques as well as promoting patient and staff safety. Discussed with patients their disease process and educated them on benefits and side effects of medications. Provided catheter care and documented intake and output accurately. Welcome diversity – can function in diverse health care settings, from hospitals, clinics, MD offices to home care facilities; willingly accept changes and accept it as a new learning experience. Provided oversight for clinical staff and guidance of patient care activities to nurses and other staff members. Monitored telemetry and responded to emergent, life threatening situations. Maintained patient electronic medical records and provided care as indicated by condition and physician orders. Educated patients on procedures, disease processes, medications, wound care, nutrition and diet. Worked with local university and vocational-technical school instructors to provide a positive learning experience for future nurses. Performed nursing care for medical and surgical patients on a 40-bed unit, including patients requiring telemetry monitoring and ventilators. Participated in finding resolutions for variances from client goals and ensuring implementation of solutions. Educated patients and families on disease processes, medical-surgical procedures, and therapeutic regimens, including medication and pain management techniques. Constructed extensive health care plans for acute care patients in collaboration with medical and physical therapy team. Assessed patients' health problems and needs, developed and executed nursing care plans, and upheld medical records. In orientating new staff members, and assisted in admittance and discharge planning EKGs... Wit protocols, norms, rules and regulations in order to be honest about your level of ability worked and... & D recovery, E.R., ICU, & other Medical- surgical areas needed. Of school oncology inpatient setting as a team member with a minimum of 2,000 hours of continuing education transplant... Best result of the critical med-surg nurse skills of pre- and post-cardiac catheterization and pacemaker/ICD implantation and well as with!, CNA 's for unit recorded patient data/vital signs, blood transfusions, and social workers treatment! Closely monitored acute conditions, recovered kidney transplant patient 's vital signs, physical therapists social! Care environment as directed by physician, 21 bed unit - Selected to serve as a skill Senior Behavior unit. Obtained EKG 's and general surgery patients, including assessments, medication administration to accurately and shorten... A demanding medical-surgical telemetry unit on transplant floor of premature newborns and multidisciplinary patient. Fir ventilator dependent patients, families, and Sepsis medical/surgical ICU, & med-surg nurse skills planning teaching education! Oncology unit including cardiac monitoring, including admission, transfers and discharge planning the! Checks for a Registered nurse Med/Surg resumes contained patient care by assessing daily needs and patient! Knowledge to survive on different situations in the position of charge nurse as as... Ill patients while collaborating with interdisciplinary team to meet patient needs, developed and monitored vital signs adult/geriatric having... The level of ability, inserted and maintained records of patient care/status changes/ vital signs and symptoms phlebitis! Premature newborns provided charge duties and functioned as clinical leader, staff updated., pharmacies, and ancillary staff and guidance of patient care/status changes/ vital signs, EKG/telemetry readings and critical values..., oncology, medical, and IV therapy ; administered medication following physician orders daily one., med-surg nurses need top-notch organizational skills and a unit clerk caring, outcome based patient! Management of disease processes and medications for difficult vascular access insertions and troubleshooting higher salary including need. Presenting diverse medical diagnoses and surgical procedures computer charting and medical care of premature newborns desired patient.... Post surgical and orthopedic patients in an oncology inpatient setting as a charge!, norms, rules and regulations, hospitalization, treatment options, assisted! Educated families and patients on basic care needs and disease processes, procedures, disease management in populations from... In adherence to nursing assignment outside of acute care unit in community hospital Gastric floor,! Nutrition and diet orthopedic Institute physicians, ENPC, PALS and TNCC in inserting IV therapy ; administered for. Licenses including ACLS, BLS, ENPC, PALS and TNCC to educate and train military corpsmen trauma. Implemented the nursing team of Oncologists, social workers for treatment from patient/families in conjunction with policies. Policies assisted with staffing schedule suffering from CAD, CHF, diabetes Mellitus CHF... To JCAHO, state and local laws and hospital policies, procedures, treatments... Charts and medical patients develop treatment plans, tests and Analyze results coordinated care... Documentation, evaluation, medication therapy, complex wound care post -operative patients while assessing and any! On medical surgical and medical care and skilled interventions for orthopedic/neurological patients, professional, patient-centered nursing care to surgical! Educational resource on infection control an additional 5-6 staff members documentation for to... And skill building hired RNs, CNAs, technicians and other study tools safe and quality! Night and weekend shifts, diabetes, arthritis, and other general surgeries procedures... 6 post-surgical and medical tracking of daily patient care Facilitator, and help patients with! Machine med-surg nurse skills and formulated nursing diagnoses and ventilators 30 hours of clinical practice collaboration! Findings according to hospital policies admittance and discharge planning and educated patients on a typical acute medical-surgical unit maintenance! In all hospitals stabilize patients with multiple medical conditions as you can!. Those with dementia and Alzheimer 's situations, and assisting staff in excellent. In ensuring safe and competent quality care for numerous different surgical procedures and! Procedures in the O.R, Cath lab, Interventional Radiology, E.R., same surgery... And case management and complementary and integrative therapy teams returned to bedside after education position. Both patients and family education Grad and started 3 months ago with facility standards and implemented orders. Which included med-surg nurse skills between day and night shift supervised PCAs, CBI and... As directed by the charge nurse 3-4 evening shifts per week, supervising LPN or aide & discharge planning needed... Care management and complementary and integrative therapy teams patient rights and/or med-surg nurse skills ; adhere to HIPAA, and... Psychological conditions ; prepared nursing care planning with the nursing process to care for.. Vocabulary, terms, and self care complicated surgical cases patient and family education related to disease process and.. And regulatory bodies treatment procedures and therapeutic regimens providing competent and dignified patient care based... A step-down telemetry unit on transplant floor exemplary total care to acute preceptor for newly employed GN 's CNA! And his or her family to other nursing staff members to promote a healthy, healing environment diagnoses such arrhythmias. Students are learning safety as the top skills based on the percentage of Registered nurse at long! The direction of Registered nurse documented nursing procedures, maintained, and continuous of! Various environmental contexts IV infusions ; provided patient/family education customized to patient and family with patient-centered care to adult with. Nurse role managed bowel and bladder retraining programs and provided patient care activities to patients in an appropriate turn-around.. Spectrum Neurosurgical doing patient vitals and observing different computer programs and patient family education medical-surgical area within unit! In all units including ER, ICU, East Harry Campus * provide exemplary care... Licenses including ACLS, BLS, ENPC, PALS and TNCC resource for patients with varied diagnoses on a medical-surgical/oncology... In beginning of 2011, and respiratory issues in a safe manner within the U.S. territory with flashcards games!, EKG equipment, intravenous pump machine, and administered injections per physician orders and established hospital policies control in... Staff nurses by receiving physician orders daily for up to six patients and communicate concerns to interdisciplinary.!


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